We open the shop of Japanese-made pottery and cutlery in Kyoto Kawaramachi Japan.
You can find your favorite at our shop and Instagram. 
You can even buy your favorite at online shop(open in October 2019).


Life with your favorite color

Tableware with heartbeated, useful, good-quality

Sensible life and mind

We wish Your lives will be filled with luxury tables

and you find out brilliant lifestyle

Rikka Knot


Thank you for your purchase. Please love your own special pottery for a long time.

■Please do that before using for the first time.

  Put the pottery in the pot. Add rice water (if not, water with flour) to cover it. Boil on low heat for about 30 minutes.

  Let the pot cool as it is, wash the pottery and let it dry naturally.

■When there is roughness on the bottom.

  Please smooth with sandpaper.

■Other notes

  A microwave oven can be used except for pottery with metal, but it is not recommended.

  Although a dishwasher can be used, it is not recommended because the water pressure is high and the pottery may be missing.

  Since it may cause mold and nasty smell, please dry before storing.